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This is one of the most confusing, misunderstood problems that a family can face. Ask any ten people why a child or adult wets the bed and you will receive ten different explanations. Research and 62 years of experience has shown that bedwetting is caused by an abnormal, deep, sound sleep. The enuretic (bedwetter) sleeps so soundly that he or she is unable to respond to bladder pressure when necessary.


My child wets the bed because he is lazy.

Given a choice, no one would choose to wet the bed, even though children may appear to be unaffected or indifferent about the issue. These children have never awakened in a dry bed on a consistent basis. When you think about it, in many cases a wet bed is all they have ever known. Because they do not have a choice, ignoring the subject or avoiding it becomes a practical survival technique.

Don't worry about it. The child will probably outgrow it.

This is the most common thing parents hear from grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, a co-worker and doctors.. The problem with this statement is very simple. While some children do outgrow bedwetting some do not. It is impossible to get adults to admit that they have the problem. More importantly, no one can tell you exactly when the wetting will stop or what effect it will have on the enuretic in the meantime.

My child drinks too much before bedtime.

Some children can wet the bed after only 1 hour of sleep and others may wet as many as three or four times per night. With some bedwetters we have observed that the wetting occurs many times when the bladder is less than half full. The amount of urine or liquid in the system is irrelevant. If liquids were a primary cause of bedwetting, everyone would have this problem depending on the amount of liquid they take in.

We take our child to the bathroom at night and he is still wet in the morning.

Studies have shown that you can get an enuretic out of bed, make them walk, talk and urinate while still in the deepest part of sleep. Often these children do not remember getting up with their parents at night. The child can be taken to the toilet and given a command to urinate. Once the urination begins he has been taught to urinate in his sleep, exactly what you are trying to prevent him from doing.

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