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Dear Mr. Draper,

I would like to take this time to thank you and your program, Pacific International, for what you have done for me. I had the enuresis problem for over forty years, even waking up to a wet bed when I would take an afternoon nap for just a couple hours.

In the forty years it was very very rare if I had dry bed day or night. I had been to several doctors who ha no answer to my problem. I had given up hope of ever having a dry bed. Then I saw your Pacific International advertisement is a local paper and scheduled an interview. After meeting with your representative I decided to join the program. I'll never regret that decision. No I wake up to a dry bed both day and night. I can stay overnight without any worry and I don't have wet bedding to wash everyday.

It took about two years to correct my problem but I don't feel that is very long considering that I had this problem forty years. I would recommend your program to anyone with an enuresis problem. It does work if you will follow all instructions your case director gives to you.

Again thank you for all that you have done in correcting my enuresis problem and a special thank you to a very patient case director, Vicki.


Feona Bolinger

Dear Sir,

I was never so happy to send something back as I was your machine. Usually something is broken when I send it back - but this time something is fixed. Richard was 17 yr old on Sat. and what a great birthday present to himself. He has worked very hard and earned the right to be dry. We are very very proud of him.

Thank you

Alice Connors

Dear Mr. Draper,

After all these years I never thought I would be dry. I'am very proud of myself. And very thankful to Pacific International. I feel much better when I wake up each morning. I'am really happy with myself, I feel like a better me. The program was very effective I never even knew there was such a program. I found this ad in the mail and I said "why not". I went to the doctor several times and he sent me to a Specialist. After I told him about the program he was very surprised and encouraged to me go along with the program. He was amazed that it hasn't taken me very long at all to e declared dry. I recommend this to anyone an encourage them to take the program, it's worth all the wait. All it takes is a little work, following all instructions. I couldn't be happier with my accomplishment!

Thank you ever so much.


Valerie J. Hopkins

Dear Mr. Draper, (RE: 886436)

You say you are excited about a person "becoming dry".

Try the feeling of relief of a mother who has washed bedding everyday for nearly twenty years.

Your program is fabulous and yet simple. I have recommended it to everyone. Your advertising department would be proud of me.

My daughter is very proud of herself, as are we all. We owe most of it to Donna Grunewald. Her letters to Lisa were very important to all of us. She also helped Lisa and I during our phone conversations. Donna is exactly the right person for being a case director. Hang on to her.

I hop we never need the program again, but if we do, I know exactly who to call. We owe a great deal to Pacific International and even more to Donna. Please give her our very best!!!

Helen Marcks

Mr. Eugene B. Draper
Pacific International Ltd
Case Direction Center
555 Birch Street
Nekoosa, WI 54457-1397

RE: 929576

Dear Mr. Draper,

I am writing you to express my appreciation for what you are doing at Pacific International. Chad will be eighteen years old in a couple of months. He has had a bedwetting problem his whole life. BUT HE HAS BEEN DRY NOW FOR ALMOST THREE MONTHS. We are grateful to you and your program.

Since Chad was about two years old, we have been working on this problem. His pediatricians first told us not to worry about this. They said he would out grow it. By the time Chad was about nine, the pediatricians put him on medication. I did not like the side affects so he did not stay on it for long. Our next step was to take him to an urologist. He was put through a series of test, and they all showed that Chad was perfectly healthy. We went to two other urologists. One suggested DDAVP nasal spray, which had no affect on Chad. The other recommended a hypnotist. By this time, Chad was fifteen years old. We had three visits with the hypnotist. For the first time in Chad's life, he had a few dry nights. This did not last long though, but for the first time, we were convinced that Chad could stop wetting the bed.

Our final step before finding your program was to take Chad to a social worker. Two visits were enough. The social worker was determined that Chad and I both liked this situation because it formed a bond between us. On the second visit I told her we would not be back. I explained that we have been working on this problem for years, and we have gotten very close because of it. But I wanted Chad to have a normal life. He missed out of so many things already. In seventeen years, he never had any close friendships. It was as if he was afraid to get close for fear someone might ask him to spend the night at their house, or invite him to a birthday party sleepover. He missed weekend trips with the youth group. He also missed a band trip to Disney World his sophomore year in high school. It is not easy trying to explain to other kids why you do not want to take a trip like that. I told the social worker that we did not have years to be psycho analyzed. Chad needed help now. The high school band was taking a trip to London in December. They were going to march in the New Year's Day Parade, perform at Wembly Hall, and tour London for a week. Chad really wanted to go on this trip. But importantly, Chad would be ready for college soon. How could we think about sending him away to college is he still had this problem?

That same week, I received some advertisement about your company in the mail. I requested information and was contacted by a consultant. To be honest, I was not sure that I wanted to deal with this at that point. We had just had another let down with the social worker and I hated to see Chad get his hopes up for nothing again. My husband and I decided we had no where else to turn and had nothing to lose by inviting the consultant to the house to talk to him.

Soon after that, Richard Bittle came to the house. He talked to us for quite a long time. He was very sincere and understanding. He seemed to have heard our story hundreds of times and understood our frustrations. He was extremely good with Chad. By the time Mr. Bittle had given him hope and encouragement. So how could we do anything other than try out this program?

We had our doubts, but we signed the contract. That was the best decision we had every made. It was not long before Chad started having dry nights. When the Glenbard West Band left for London in December, Chad was with them. We are truly grateful to you for making this possible for him. Because of your program, Chad not only has a dry bed, he has self respect and a lot more confidence in himself. For the first time in his life, he actually receives phone calls from friends, and started dating. Chad can also think about going away to college.

Thank you again for your program. I would recommend it to anyone who has a bed wetting problem. Unfortunately, this is not something people like to discuss, so it is not easy to get the word out to those who need it.


Linda O'Brien

I am an adult and I was on this program for 6 months. I recommend this program to any one who has a enuresis problem. There is a lot of work involved. Not hard work but mentally work, a lot of concentrating each night and you really have to want to stop wetting in the bed. The harder you try to be dry the faster you will be dry. It depends on you how long it takes. It is a fabulous feeling to get up every morning in a dry bed. It is 4 months and I am so proud of myself.

Thank you Pacific International For Caring So Much about People and Their Problem.



Pacific Intl.
555 Birch Street
Nekoosa, WI 54457

Attn: Beverly, and anyone concerned

Dear Beverly,

It's been several months since you declared me dry, and I want to take some time our and thank you for a job expertly, compassionately, and professionally done!

I can hardly express my appreciation enough for the change your program has made for me.

Many things have changed in my life, but sleeping dry has not, and I'm confident I will continue to be dry til the day I die.

Your president personally came to my home and introduced the program to me and my parents, and in every way is to e commended for a caring and professional presentation. His phone calls the first week were a perfect "icing" on the cake.

I unhesitatingly recommend this program to any who suffer from this psychologically damaging and sleep disrupting, handicap. The professionals at P.I. are folks you can trust. I am a skeptic by nature, because of the twisted world we live in, but this program us up to snuff. Thanks PI.

Please feel free to use my name, case record, or "plug" in any way you please.

If you need an Alaska representative for your program or if you're looking for employees, or even if you just want more info. From me, feel free to contact me anytime. I know PI is an organization I can feel proud to have my name attached to!

Chris Strube

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